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14 April 2022 | ,

The job of regularly updating your website with news, thoughts and useful information is a time consuming craft that requires a good deal of thinking. But it can bring great advantages that are worth considering.

Showcasing your expertise

If you work in a sector that is knowledge intensive, your team has knowhow and information that is certainly valuable to someone out there.

Web content is about giving extra use to that knowledge. You can publish part of it in a web page so that it can be found by people that might need it.

You are openly showing to the world that you know what you are talking about (your field of expertise) and that you are willing to share that knowledge as part of your service.

One of the dangers of being an expert is that, sometimes, you ignore that you know too much about a topic. This is why we believe effective content is a partnership between subject matter experts and content publishing experts. They will make sure that the content you write is accessible for people and algorithms.

Using content to learn & explore new territories 📍

In the current volatile and changing world, the capacity to learn new things is essential to stay afloat in business.

For example, let’s imagine you are a real estate lawyer and you would like to explore how upcoming technologies (Virtual Reality or Blockchain) are going to change the real estate regulatory environment. You know nothing about those topics but web writing as a process can help you critically explore them. Writing as a process makes you ask the right questions and maybe find some answers.

Writing is also a great excuse to get in touch with other subject matter experts in the field you would like to learn about. I find writing a blog post, is often a good argument to start a conversation with an expert I don’t personally know. Maybe asking him a question, a written contribution or a quote.

Leading with content

Many business and other institutional actors have lost touch with their customers. People are lost and they need leaders they can trust.

This is your opportunity to shine and be different from your competitors. You know what the problems of your clients are and web content can be a great tool to reconnect with them.

In order to reinforce that trust, show more of your real opinions in an authentic way. A content strategy can be a great process to listen to people around you, rethink your core values and show what you think is fair, what is pertinent to do right now.

When you start creating content that is aligned with your core values, you are going to start to attract the people that connect with those values at the emotional level. Your ideal clients and collaborators start to pop up🍄. Your can use that momentum to hire new people, invite them to your events and start building community with them.

Don’t know where to start? Seize the opportunity 🙋‍♀️

I hope I gave you some solid arguments to decide to invest in web content. It can become a business asset to make you gain competitive advantage and elevate your business game.

We love helping teams at the initial phase of a content strategy.

Apply for a discovery session. Let’s have a conversation on how you can start tapping into the business value of web content.


Manuel Pueyo

Content Strategist with a legal background.
I combine several years of experience in online communication with an advanced technical expertise in web development and an in-depth knowledge of UX trends & marketing tools.