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06 April 2020 |

What is a Content Strategy ?

What is content?

In our ebook on How to Create Good Content we defined content as “knowledge in consumable formats that may include blog articles, but also videos, podcasts, social media posts, emails, webinars, info graphics, cartoons, quizzes, assessments, eBooks, tutorials, FAQs…”.

When do you need content strategy?

You need a content strategy when you meet these 2 conditions
1) Your brand / business is present online with a website.
2) You have decided to regularly update this website with content.

Why would it make sense to regularly update your website with relevant content?

It depends on the goal you are trying to achieve through content which could be probably:

  • Sales: the content you create helps brings more visitors to your website and see you value proposition.
  • Loyalty towards your users: give them valuable information.
  • Other purposes… for instance, you want part of your legal operations to be digitized.

What is included in a content strategy?

Websites are an ongoing processes. They are living ecosystems updated by people using digital tools. Your website changes and adapts with you and your projects. It is never a finished artifact: they are constantly tweaking and iterating.

Your team may need to become anyway an editorial factory. Like a publisher that creates produces and maintains this content. You must have planned a budget for that.

If your objective is to produce content regularly and keep it ongoing you need a strategy. This is essentially how are you going to make it happen.

A content strategy is a strategic paper that allows you to define all you need to do to go from point A to B.

Point A Point B
My website has no content Team regularly creates content
My website has bad content Team regularly maintain content

Getting to point B is not an easy thing to do so you need to include elements like:

  • business goals
  • user needs
  • editorial mission
  • people and processes
  • governance
  • roles and responsabilities. what are the skills you have in house and who is going to do what
  • explanation of how we structure and organize this content in the Content Management System (cms)
  • metrics and kpis
  • maintenance
  • SEO analysis: including a keyword research, list your target keywords, local seo audit of your webstie,
  • Tools: cms, writing tools, analytics and seo tools, project management tools

How does a content strategist gets paid?

We are going to land in your team and try to understand your context. This is work that involves time reading your business strategy & comms strategy, meeting different team members to understand what they do, facilitating meetings and strategic conversations with your team.

At the end of the process you will get a Strategy Paper.

This usually takes about 8 to 10 calendar days of work.



Manuel Pueyo

Content Strategist with a legal background.
I combine several years of experience in online communication with an advanced technical expertise in web development and an in-depth knowledge of UX trends & marketing tools.