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We are content coaches

16 April 2020 |

Our mission in life is to help teams to create, publish and manage their web content “assets” & do it efficiently.

What does a content coach do?

Helps you define your content strategy

Once you have a content strategy you need someone who ensures that the strategy is being effectively implemented by your team. We will monitor your KPIs, guide your content creation process, train your team on writing content, and generally ensure success.

Why did I decide to become a content coach?

  1. I love to see brands that have good content. Seeing teams taking advantage of the web as a publishing medium is powerful. Good writing equals good thinking. And I like to see brands and teams that think. It takes big teams to achieve this.
  2. Organizations and brands need to be braver. Brands need to stand out and be bold. Say what they think about things. How do they position themselves in this world in transformation. But also say what they are good at. What they like to do.
  3. I also believe that good content we can save us from pollution= Information overload. We can make the web great again if we start designing our websites starting from the content. Good content solves people’s problems. Good content holds real value for the reader.


Manuel Pueyo

Content Strategist with a legal background.
I combine several years of experience in online communication with an advanced technical expertise in web development and an in-depth knowledge of UX trends & marketing tools.