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Writing smart content for the Web: train your lawyers to create really good content

12 February 2020 |

With the internet providing the most powerful means of distribution, design has become the most effective mean of differentiation.

There are billions of pages on the internet. To do better than your competitors, you simply need smarter content.

Spot the Smart Content

Spot the Smart Content

Smart content is usable. It doesn’t only provide the information people need but makes that information easy to access, understand, and act upon. It has audience-appropriate terminology and literacy level, clear and consistent formatting and presentation.

In this course, we will walk, hand in hand, with your team members on a journey
towards creating smart content by finding the words that will help them achieve
professional objectives. Finding the words, that your clients use and understand.

Who is this workshop for?

Law firms. But also professional service sector teams (accountant, insurances, institutions, NGO) who are investing in digital content as an strategic business asset. They want to get more results out of their web content and they want to train their employees on how to write for the web.

Is your law firm investing strategically in web content as a marketing or business asset? Then this workshop might be for you:

  • For your lawyers writing for the web, improving their productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • For your communication and business development team.

What is the size of the law firm?

A team of minimum 7 members who are committed to writing and putting in place an editorial strategy for their website.

Spoiler Alert !  An inbound content strategy involves a lot of work and time. In order to stand out from the crowd you are going to have to write creative usable content on a regular basis for a long period of time. This is expensive to produce and no short term outcomes can be expected .

economics of content

economics of content

Training Purpose

To make lawyers sharp marketers and better web writers.
Help them to write legal texts that are simple, accessible and more engaging.
Raise awareness about the importance of design and creative web content as the key to “stand out” from your competitors.

Learning Objectives

After this training participants will be able to:
Improve their professional writing process: What are the different phases that I could go through as a writer to draft a text?
Discover new ways to do research on audience needs.
Understand how people read on websites and mobile devices and how this is different from print.
Discover the main principles of web writing. How to fully benefit from the resources that the web offers you as writer/editor: bullets,links, catchy headline, headings, CTA


content design, userneeds, jobstories, ux writing, content strategies, expert SEO


Full day course from 9:00 to 17:00
How digital is transforming your work?
Content is part of your service content is part of the user experience
What is good content?
2)How people read on screens?
3)Writing Method (efficient and effective)
4)Exercise / Play
Use your creativity to write your headlines with constraints.
5)Principles of web writing
6)Keeping Standards

Participants will have to write their own full blog article to be reviewed by the trainer in one week.

Sources and Books

Content Design. Sarah Richards

Killer Web Content. Gerry McGovern

Content Strategies for the Web. Kristina Halvorson

Designing Connected Content. Mike Atherton. Carrie Hane

On writing well. William Zinser

Everybody writes: Handley


Get in touch directly with the trainer ( We will
make you a tailored budget proposal that suits your office.

Practical Info

Number of people:8

Training will be in English


Manuel Pueyo

Content Strategist with a legal background.
I combine several years of experience in online communication with an advanced technical expertise in web development and an in-depth knowledge of UX trends & marketing tools.