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Where do we stand in the online advertising business (and why)?

17 April 2018 |

Hello. We are the Big Kids! What do we do? We are a content marketing agency. We are fascinated about the power of design thinking as the guiding method for structural transformation inside organizations.

These days, if you want to use the web as a marketing tool there are so many options. Where should I start? What should I say? How should I spend my limited resources? It is difficult not to get lost.

We help you find your way

Start by analyzing your team (writing good content is a team sport). What is positive inside your team? What capacities do they already have or which ones are they missing? What are they passionate about?

We are platform neutral

Our mission in life is to help you to create better web content. Being platform neutral means that it is up you to decide where do you place the content you create. We stand for the open web, we want to make the web a better place but also we need to be realistic (walled-gardens exist) and you should put your content where the audience is.

We are format flexible

We are flexible in terms of content formats: and we encourage you to be flexible and playful as well. In uncertain and volatile contexts,  the best way to go is to launch clumsy small experiments that take advantage of the rich array of formats the web offers you. Try to find the one that is more suitable to deliver value to your reader but also the one your team is comfortable with.

Everybody writes

This is what we tell to our clients: don’t spend your money paying a content writer from outside. Write your own content: we want to see more budgets going to teams building their own capacity to produce good content.

This is where design thinking comes handy. We encourage our clients to nurture a content production ecosystem inside the organization. Go for quality on the long term. Make your team learn the basics of writing for screens. Find your niche: find an opportunity to deliver value through content. You probably wont be able to produce journalistic pieces from scratch but I believe that everybody can create useful and functional pieces of content that meet a need.

We nurture communities

Focus on community building is absolutely worth it in the long term: write good content but don’t forget distribution. Distribution means to take some time to nurture a community of influencers who you have personal contact with. (some people call this “influencer marketing”). So… plan for the long term and do take care of your communities outside your organization.


Manuel Pueyo

Content Strategist with a legal background.
I combine several years of experience in online communication with an advanced technical expertise in web development and an in-depth knowledge of UX trends & marketing tools.